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The Stocks Joint Company "Ukrainian Safety Insurance Company"

SJC "USIC" (UOSK) was registered and began its activity on February 14th, 1996. This year the company celebrated the eighth anniversary of its activity on the market of insurance services of Ukraine. The founder of Ukrainian Safety Insurance Company is The State Safety Service under The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine which proves the reliability of services which are provided. Year after year the company demonstrates the increasing of the volume of insurance premiums attraction. In 1996 this index was 751,3 hrn and in 2003 - 41152,0 hrn. Currently there are only very few Ukrainian companies that got "A+", and SJC "UOSK" was one of the first companies that received this grade given by Russian Rates Agency "Expert RA". Ukrainian Safety Insurance Company has a wide range of services and has the license for giving almost all kinds of insurance. According to the rates of the League of insurance companies of Ukraine SJC "UOSK" is included in the list of the twenty biggest insurance companies. The paid statute fund as up to 01.07.2004: 10000,0 hrn. The formed insurance reserves as up to 01.07.2004: 20220,0 hrn. The cooperation of many years' standing with famous foreign reinsurance companies and the biggest Ukrainian insurance groups provide stable financial situation of the company and the guarantee of insurance premiums. Today SJC "UOSK" is one of the sixteen members of the National Club of insurance premiums, the member of the Rule of the League of insurance organizations, Motor (transportation), Naval and Aviation Bureau of Ukraine, and the member of the Nuclear Insurance Pool of Ukraine.
We provide such services as:
Life insurance
Property insurance
Act liability insurance
Insurance of travellers
Insurance medicine
Freight insurance

Україна, Київ, вул. Борщагівська, 145
Тел./факс: (044) 457-8080, 8-800-5003440, E-mail:

"Nora-Print" Private Limited liability company (Ltd).

Kinds of activity: printing trades, polygraphy, book selling (State register DK № 80 certificate). Printing specialization: science-technical literature and textbooks in the sphere of agriculture, medicine, economics and pedagogics; fiction and journalistic fiction.

Адреса: 01042, Київ, вул. Патріса Лумумби, 4, корп. А, оф. 709
Teл . : (044) 264-85-40, 261-99-57, Факс (044) 264-85-40
e-mail: ,

The corporation "ELECTROSPETS" Licence KVW 03347, 08.09.2000

Electrical installation of cable wires up to 10 KW to TP. Building, assembling, and setting TP up to 10 KW. Electrical installation works in building and reconstruction of industrial complexes, house-buildings, trade and office centers, AZS.

Адреса: Україна, 03056, Київ, вул. Полiтехнiчна, 35, корп. 9, оф.413
Тел./факс: (044) 241-8479, Тел.: (044) 236-7185
e-mail: info@

The Stocks Joint Company "PROTOKA"

Projecting, development, intrusion, and accompaniment of automatic systems of management of the enterprise and its components. Specialization middle and large industrial enterprises of Ukraine and accounts.

Адреса: Україна, 04114, Київ-114, вул. Полупанова, 6, поверх 2
Тел./факс: (044) 430-15-26, 432-86-00, 430-40-57

The Society "OMETA Design"

Development and plating. Polygraphic and industrial design. Emblems, logos, the image of the company.

Тел.: (044) 424-7099, 578-0482

The Society "Vostok-Electronika"

One of the biggest enterprises in production of plastic cards of all kinds with high level of protection for banks, transport, connection, other institutions, etc.

Тел.: (044) 245-9743, Факс: (044) 245-9731

Polygraphic enterprise "Dave"


тел./факс: (044) 531-1384, 220-4707,

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